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Enjoy the flexibility of on-demand chauffeur service. Whatever your needs, Dial Limo Now Limousine Customer Directed hourly service puts a chauffeur at your disposal for as long as you require.


Count on Control, Flexibility and Comfort Customer Directed service is billed by the hour, delivering truly personalized service.

You can travel from meeting to meeting, department store to department store, or museum to museum safely, comfortably and productively – without having to keep an eye on your watch. Your chauffeur and vehicle will be there sharp any time you need them.


As with all Dial Limo Now Limousine chauffeured services, you travel in your choice of the finest, late-model luxury vehicles from the The Source Limo Fleet – including the exclusive The Source Limo Car and Mercedes-Benz. Events by nature are big! Massive undertakings that require, sometimes hundreds of hours of careful planning and preparation. The task is daunting to say the least. If you try to do it yourself, sure you may succeed in pulling it off, but most likely (by purely lack of experience), you’ll leave those all too important stones unturned. Those little details you just didn’t know were so important!


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